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Ride into a Fantastic Night with Santa Clarita Party Buses Rentals

inside of party busImagine the perfect party: Your favorite music, a fantastical environment with color and light, a full glass, and all your friends around you. Now imagine all of that is waiting for you the moment you step onto a vehicle that will take you to the destination of your choosing.

All this and more can be yours when you book one of our party buses for the ride of your life. Long drives don't have to be boring or cramped. Treat your guests to the utmost in luxury and entertainment while you are on your way to any event you can imagine, from wine tasting tours, birthday parties, and clubs, to corporate events, weddings, or sporting events. Get stylishly to where you need to go, and get safely home afterward.

The Intimidator

  • Seats up to 36
  • Hardwood floors
  • Roof-mounted HVAC
  • LED interior and exterior lighting
  • HDMI outlets for LED TVs
  • Touch screen Bluetooth/Pandora/iPod connectivity
  • Head unity, amplifier, subwoofer, and upgraded speakers
If you would like to book a party bus for an unforgettable time anywhere in LA county, learn more about our Santa Clarita rental service!

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